An ATV for your wrist…

From time to time I have had people approach me with various questions about the paracord watch bands: Which watches look the best with a paracord band?  Should the band go on an expensive watch, or a work watch, or  sport watch? The answer is fairly simple…whatever works best for you. The truth is, paracord watch bands are appropriate for any occasion. I’ve had some tell me they don’t want to put the band on their more expensive, “dress-up” watches; while others will tell me they rarely wear their paracord watch and only save it for special occasions. My response is the paracord band can be worn anytime you feel comfortable wearing it.  I have had customers from all walks of life send me their watches to make a band for it, or purchase bands from me to put on their watches.  From the every day, hard working utility “beater” watch to the high end, high class watch…I’ve seen them all.  In fact, two of my favorite watches I’ve seen came to me from customers in Canada. One was a Seiko Green Monster, which I later found out was a very rare, limited edition timepiece and was only a available for a certain period of time in a certain quantity.  Another watch that was sent to me for a paracord band installation carried a retail price of $2,995.  Yet another, more recent watch was a Bell & Ross Aviation watch with a price tag of over $100,000.   I’m still shocked someone out there trusted sending a watch of that value to a complete stranger in another country.

Personally, I wear a paracord band all the time, on various watches, and it’s definitely not just to promote my products.  It is because I feel good with a paracord band on my wrist. It’s comfortable yet rugged, and functional yet stylish. I have watches with a lot of wear on them that I use for working and playing outside around the house: cutting wood, mowing the yard, plowing, farming, fishing, etc.   I also have nicer watches that I wear out to dinner, or to weddings, etc.  Then I have the “in-between” watch that might be worn to dinner at a friend or family member’s house, or just every day life activities.

The truth is that you can wear the paracord bands anywhere.  It is a conversation-starter, and it lets everyone from every walk-of-life know that you are unique and are comfortable being yourself in any setting.  The paracord band truly is an ATV for your wrist.

In the beginning…(part 4)

Variation and creativity had, so far, proven to be the keys to success in my paracord sales efforts, and little did I know my next big leap would come from a Canadian customer’s request.  He had noticed my themed paracord survival bracelets and contacted me to mimic his firefighter bunker (turnout) gear.  To this day, I still maintain that I had not seen a bunker gear survival bracelet anywhere. I took a look at pictures of the gear itself and then mimicked the pattern into the bracelet. I listed a few firefighter bracelets in a few different color schemes, and was woefully unprepared for what happened next!  I still maintain that I was the first seller on eBay with the firefighter bunker turnout gear paracord survival bracelet.  (Surely there is some way to electronically prove that my products were the first to hit the auction block).  Two weeks later and nursing blisters on my fingers, I had sold approximately 50 firefighter bracelets.  To this day it has been the highest seller in my line of products, and remains the best “themed” product.  I have morphed it into a watch band as well, and created a whole category on the website just for firefighter products.

Today, I have sold paracord products in many countries around the world, and have people from all walks of life wearing my products.  Off the top of my head, I have sold paracord products to customers in the United Kingdom, Australia, China, all through Central and South America, Iran, Iraq, China, the Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Israel, Canada, Japan, Greece, Chile, Italy, etc.  I love to think that somewhere, right now, someone is clipping a watch on their arm or a bracelet around their wrist that was once just a piece of string until I wove it into something they could wear and rely on for their daily use.  Somewhere right now, someone is checking the time on a watch with a band that I built specifically for them.

Thank you for reading this and for sharing in my wonderful journey as it continues to grow and expand, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need a reliable, handcrafted paracord product.


In the beginning…(part 3)

I quickly realized a wide variety of products and an ever-changing product line-up was the key to drive sales.  I had to stay ahead of the other paracord makers by inventing new bracelets and patterns before anyone else. My next leap came out of necessity and frustration.

I received my first watch for Christmas of my fourth grade school year, a Timex Ironman, and I have worn Timex watches ever since.  Their functionality and durability, for me, had been second to none.  I had always been a particular fan of the functionality of the Timex Ironman model.

Over the years, I had amassed a collection of various Timex watches in various conditions.  I had been placing all my old watches in a drawer, and most were not able to be worn due to the bands being broken.  In recent years, I have noticed more and more that stock Timex bands do not withstand my daily wear and tear. I decided to learn how to make paracord watch bands in an attempt to bring my old Timex watch faces back to life.  I picked up the weave very quickly, and I was able to restore a few of my old watches; however, I no longer had a need for many of them, so they went on the eBay auction block.  To my surprise, I had stumbled upon another gigantic sales hit!  They proved VERY popular.  I quickly traded in the used watch market in favor of new watches, as many customers are looking for new and unused watches with a sturdy, reliable, lasting, and rugged looking watch band.  Today, I introduce new watches to the line-up almost weekly.

To be continued…

In the beginning…(part 2)

In part 1, I established that I had begun making paracord products out of the need to “busy” myself through the very necessary times of infant care.

By February of the following year, I had a bag full of products.  I had decided I wanted to sell some things, but my only avenue was the online market. I knew nothing about eBay and have never had an account.  So I snapped some pictures of the products I had made, and I created an eBay and Paypal account.  The name Patriot Paracord kept coming to my mind, so that became my eBay username.

Overnight that first night, I sold three products.  From that first sale, I was hooked!  The following days I sold a few more, and by the end of the month my bag was empty.  I then purchased more cord and some different colors and made more products. The sales kept going, and I enjoyed the feeling of sending customers a reliable product they can display around their wrists.

My first big leap in sales came when I decided to make various “themed” bracelets, such as superheroes, video-game characters, etc.  Sales soared with these products!   I could not make bracelets fast enough to keep up with the demand.  Quickly, other paracord makers and sellers on eBay realized the potential and began copying my work.  I needed something new to stand out and keep moving forward.

To be continued….

In the beginning….(part 1)

I am often asked, “So how did you get started doing this?”   The answer goes back to this very same time of year, four years ago.  My first-born son, who just recently celebrated his fourth birthday, had just entered into our lives.  As joyous an occasion as it was, it completely and instantly changed my life and lifestyle (as it does for everyone).   Since my childhood, summertime in southern Ohio has meant spending nearly every waking hour outside…fishing, boating, and swimming in the Ohio River and it’s creeks and streams, riding ATVs, hunting snapping turtles (see (CAREFUL not to play around little ones, snapping turtle hunting can cause one to use foul language often).  I have become quite fond of the outdoors and all that Mother Nature has to offer.

However, I quickly learned caring for an infant required an exorbitant amount of time indoors, mostly watching the baby eat or sleep.  As awful as this sounds, I found these things to be incredibly mundane.  I also found it very difficult to sit still and was suffering from a serious case of cabin fever.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I was able to clearly illustrate this feeling to my wife.  It happened after observing one of my young nieces playing with a baby doll. I pointed out this activity to my wife and used this example to illustrate to her why she had been so content sitting with our infant son, and meanwhile I was “busting at the seams,” trying to keep my sanity and stay indoors for much of the summer.  I came to the conclusion that women have been preparing for this all their lives. From a young age, they are given baby dolls to play with, and are taught to be nurturing and caring for these dolls.  I, on the other hand, was given G.I. Joes and firecrackers and was told to avoid blowing any appendages off my body.  I was given a bow and arrow, a gun, and a fishing pole as a toddler and I spent countless hours of my youth learning to use them.  I was not provided a stroller and a baby doll to practice caring for and nurturing. I explained to my wife that the “ins and outs” of everyday infant care were as boring to me as deer hunting and fishing are to her, and I was as unhappy (even if I didn’t show it) as she would be if she were suddenly forced to go deer hunting with me (EVERY single day, all day long).  She had been preparing for infant care her whole life.  I, on the other hand, had been taught to feed my family in times of need (even if those times of “need” are typically met at the grocery store, I was still practicing my craft, just in case).

By this point, you may be wondering if I still have a wife.  Thankfully the answer is “yes.”   We are still happily married and now have two young boys (and neither one will get baby dolls to play with either; and when their time comes for infant care, they’ll have to figure things out for themselves, just as I did).  Thankfully, I was able to very quickly find an outlet for my anxiety of being trapped inside while the sun was shining so brightly during that summer of 2011.

I had seen an online advertisement for paracord survival bracelets. For some reason, something clicked inside me and I wanted some, but did not want to pay the high price they were asking.  I wanted multiple bracelets in different colors, and wanted the ability to customize them to my own liking.

Shortly after seeing this ad, I ordered some paracord 550 rope and began teaching myself how to make these bracelets.  Anytime during the day or night when my infant son was doing his thing, I would pull out some cord and weave a bracelet.   It became very soothing and therapeutic to me.  I learned all sorts of crafts to make that summer with paracord, and by February of the following year, I had a whole bag of things I had made, ranging from bracelets, to dog collars, to keychains, etc.

To be continued….




New Product – Timex Expedition Compass Watch w/ Paracord 550 Band

Timex Mens Intelligent Quartz Compass Black Dial Stainless Steel Case Patriot Paracord Band

For more than 150 years, Timex has focused on quality, value and timeless style. Today, trusted favorites testify to our customer loyalty, redesigned classics make …

We at Patriot-Paracord can appreciate the history and quality that comes from Timex, this is one reason why we use their watches. This model below – when Patriot-Paracorded…. looks 20,000 times better wearing one of our high end Paracord Bands. Custom made from paracord 550 and is black with red line and includes Black Steel Adjustable Shackle.   Band is 8.0″ long (center hole) and fits an actualwrist size of 7.25″ to 7.75″. It is adjustable, and we can custom make a different length band upon request.

 Click Here – available on eBay!

Model Information: Model: T2N724 Dial window material type: Mineral Crystal Clasp: Buckle Case Material: Stainless-Steel Case Diameter: 42 millimeters Case Thickness: 13 millimeters Band Material: Rubber Band Length: Mens Dial: Black Bezel Material: Stainless-Steel Bezel Function: Stationary Calendar: Date Display at 4:00 Movement: Quartz Water Resistant Depth: 100 Meters / 330 Feet

Proudly Made in the USA

Patriot Paracord clips and bands are 100% hand made in the USA. Each Patriot Paracord item is personally guaranteed. If there is a problem with your sizing or you are not satisfied with the order, please contact us for an exchange or full refund.